personalized lessons

Piano lessons built around your goals and your experience!

Everybody is unique; your lessons should be too! 

In my studio, I talk with students about what they want to be able to do at the keyboard. Do you want to play classical? Or how about an awesome piano riff you can show off at parties and events? Do you just want to play for your own enjoyment?


No matter what you want, I curate lessons to fit your needs and wants. Students who study with me have a strong knowledge of theory and technique as well as experience with creative and imaginative exercises that pull on their own artistry. 

What if I don't know what I want?

That's okay too! Piano lessons are a process; as you learn, you may find certain styles you like and we can dive deep there!

I want to study classical music; do I need to be really talented?

Absolutely not! Anyone can learn classically; it just takes dedication and hard work. My background is in classical music and I help students learn not only how to play pieces but also how to practice effectively. Students who study classical music with me will be inspired to push themselves to the highest level of performance they can achieve.

I write songs; can I bring them to lessons?

I love the creativity! I have helped students craft songs and develop their own personal style to produce songs they can sing and play!

I want to play chord sheets!

I can help there too! Have you ever wondered what those symbols are on the chord sheets you see on the internet to your favorite popular songs? In lessons, we can discuss how to build chords and make songs sound "cool"!

Whatever it is that you're looking to learn, I'd love to assist you on your journey to success.